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A travel- addict cat gets tipsy all over the world

3,333 unique collectible tipsy cats with proof of ownership stored on the Solana blockchain. Each token can redeem a bottle of unique NFT labelled wine that worth USD 50 or above.

Meet the Cats

Tipsy Cats is a group of meows consisting of travel and wine lovers who must drink a glass of wine before the flight takes off.

Tipsy Cats that have a variety of outfits, wine glasses and colors - all cats are travelling in different places where famous wineries are located e.g. Italy, France, Georgia, the United States etc. Each Tipsy Cat is comprised of a unique body, hat, face, outfit and wineglass- the possibilities are endless!

There is the Vino Cats who loves to drink red wine, especially Merlot for its dark fruit, layered with herbal notes and vanilla.

There is the Demi Cats who loves white wine, and they have a crush on Chardonnay for its fresh Citric to tropical fruits.

There is the Dom cats who loves Champagne for its yeast and biscuit in palates.

There is the Cru cats who loves Burgundy wine, which is elegant yet complex.

Even with different palates, Tipsy Cats are commonly adventurous, and they love to live the best of their lives. Join us, tap into your inner Tipsy Cats spirits, be part of this community, and kickstart the wine-cation.

Tipsy Cats Roadmap

Book your flight

Tipsy Cats are gathered as the 1st Asia wine lover community raised in Hong Kong. The latest news and information about wine are shared regularly in the community.

Get your wine glass ready

On 1st March 2022, after everyone got a bit tipsy after the weekends, it's time to be excited for the 1st pre-sale mint of Tipsy Cats NFT. The rest of the Tipsy Cats will be minted into existence in late March 2022. Every single token can redeem a physical bottle of Tipsy Cats wine after 22nd March 2022*. 

*Areas outside of Hong Kong can redeem the wine after 1st April 2022.

Let's get tipsy together

Tipsy Cats NFT owners can enjoy several holders' benefits and discounts with our exclusive partnerships in the food and beverages industry. Sooner or later, Tipsy Cats NFT owners can also access IRL wine tasting events and meet fellow Tipsy Cats face-to-face. Besides, a Dao community is formed by the owners to vote and decide Tipsy Cats community vineyard.

Tipsy Power!

Phase 1 is done! DAO roadmap 2.0 will be released in May 2022.

The future is BRIGHT!

Tipsy Cats' power is so irresistible!! Exclusive discounts with local wine shops and restaurants, community wine fairs, winery virtual tours with global wineries and winemakers, and more wine-related events and activities will be offered to our Tipsy Cats in the near future!


What is the total supply?

A total of 3333 unique Tipsy Cats NFTs will be created.

When can I mint a Tipsy Cat?

1st Pre-sale will be available on 1st March 2022 for our early supporters on Instagram, Twitter, Discord and local NFT projects. Our 2nd Pre-sale will be launched on 21st April 2022, and public mint date on 25th April 2022!

Why Tipsy Cats?

When you join the community of Tipsy Cats, you are secured with an exclusive access to a life-long community filled with many passionate wine lovers. Our goal is to build the largest wine lover community in the Metaverse. Tipsy Cats provides you not only an awesome PFP, but also a token to redeem a bottle of quality wine. As a Tipsy Cats owner, you can enjoy several benefits and discounts, and you are also invited to join our IRL wine events, exclusive merchandise, and etc.

How can I mint a Tipsy Cat?

You will be able mint a Tipsy Cat on this website. Also, you can use all of Solana’s main wallets including Phantom, Sollet and Solflare, but Phantom is the recommended wallet.

How much will 1 Tipsy Cat cost?

Each Tipsy Cat will cost 0.88 SOL in the upcoming 2nd Pre-Sale, and 0.98 SOL in the public mint.

How many Tipsy Cat can I mint?

Each WL can receive 5 tokens for the upcoming 2nd Pre-Sale.

What does my Tipsy Cat NFT represent?

This NFT is a digital PFP backed by a bottle of physical wine stored in a warehouse in Asia. It is a life-long key to redeem a bottle of distinct NFT labelled wine. Once the wine get redeemed, the NFT will be vanished.

What wine can I redeem with my Tipsy Cat NFT?

A surprising quality wine from a famous wine region with a market value USD 50. Every bottle will be embossed with your unique NFT label and code. If you are lucky, and you got a Tipsy Cats NFT with the cat holding a golden bottle on its left hand, then you can redeem a bottle of wine that worth USD 500.

How long does it take to redeem my wine?

It will take approximately 30 days from the date you place the order to redeem the wine with your NFT key.

Where is the Tipsy Cats wine stored?

All Tipsy Cats wines are professionally managed and stored in Hong Kong.

Why is the wine I receive not the same as other Tipsy Cats owners?

The Tipsy Cats wine that an owner will receive vary over time depending on when he/she places the order to redeem. Other than the NFT quality, the wine quality is also our top priority, so we want to make sure the taste of the wine serves you the best when you place the order to redeem. It's also suggested to let the Tipsy Cats wine settled for a couple of days to avoid bottle sickness.

Still have questions? Email us at tipsycats.nft@gmail.com